Digital X-rays

Advantages Of Digital Radiography

Reduced Radiation - Clearer Image - Less Wait Time

fmx digital x ray

Digital radiography (known as digital X-ray) reduces patient radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to the exposure of traditional dental X-rays. While conventional dental X-rays are relatively safe, digital X-rays is an excellent option for those who take X-rays on a regular basis or for those who are concerned about radiation.

Digital x-rays have two distinct advantages: They use much lower radiation; this means you are exposed to less radiation, and they can be manipulated by using software on the computer. Traditional x-rays capture images on film and once exposed cannot be modified.

Digital X-rays use an electronic sensor instead of traditional X-ray film to capture X-ray images. When these x-rays are performed properly with adequate safety precautions in place, there’s very little cause for concern. A routine examination with four bitewing x-rays exposes you to roughly the same amount of radiation you will experience during one to two hours on an airplane.

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